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Journey is a 1st premie CHAMPION COLT from the WI keuring. Congratulation Journey. The judges remarked  he had the best walk at the keuring and his trot was spectacular. A true stallion candidate for the stallion testing.

Journey is an exceptional colt. Awesome personality with those dashing looks to match. He is the little king of the ranch. He is aware of everything, but takes it all in stride with patience and curiosity. He was born in March 2019 from Iron Springs Farm, Tsjalbert and my beautiful mare, BDF Sophistication (Doaitsen/Tamme/Oege) . He is an outstanding colt to add to any breeding program..  He will be used with visitors in all of our programs.

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Kalispel is a colt born in March 2019. He is a Baroque built colt. He get those looks from his dam and sire. Sire is Andries 415 and his dam is BDF Tallinger  (Feitse Pref/ Jacob Pref) which is very baroque bloodlines from some older outstanding prefferent stallions. This colt is a breeders dream. Great looks and disposition with that War Horse Look. Kalispel will definitely fit into our herd programs. He is so into meeting and greeting people. First born of the year gets the most attention and he loves it.

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Barock pinto colt that is 97% Friesian. He is a tall guy and a looker. He will get you noticed. Dam is BDF Xanadue and sire is BDF Titanium. He is registered as a Barock Pinto. He carries the tobiano and the red gene as well.  He will be close to 17 hands and has excellent dressage movement.

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Geldings For Sale


Hamilton is a gelding from May 2018. Sire is BDF Versachi and his dam is BDF Elegante’.  This is a very uncomplicated colt with lots of curiosity and sweetness. He is going to make a great riding horse. He will be tall as his parents are 16′ plus. Hamilton is growing into a fine young prospect. He is available for your partner or our herd programs.

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BDF Diesel  was born 6/29/17. From the beginning he was special.  An old soul in a youthful spirit.  He was always extremely calm and good natured. He trains easily and is eager to please. His nature makes him a perfect riding gelding and companion horse. His sire is BDF Versachi our outstanding sire. Diesel is a carbon copy of Versachi, looks and attitude. His dam is the wonderful BDF Charlize (Mintse/Jasper) She gives him the movement and loft of his gaits.  He will be broke to ride and enter our herd healing program where I am sure he will excel.

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DOB: 5/18/06

Champion Gelding at Keuring

An impressive gelding from the late great stallion ANNE. A squarely built gelding standing 15’3″ with a mane past his shoulders. And does he have the HAIR. With Oege in his bloodline, he has the HAIR GENE. He has the work ability for any discipline. He can spin on a dime and float with lots of suspension while at liberty.  Trekker has studied under Mario Contreras who has shown Friesians at the WEG among other events. Trekker has had training for the Spanish Walk and has learned to bow.  A nice addition to bloodlines where movement and hair is desired. He is awesome as a lessons and riding horse. As a herd coaching horse he is kind and gentle and seeks out loving and kind people.

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Mares For Sale

We also have Menthe, Tallinger, Elegante, Indigo, Charisma and Destiny for sale on the Mare Page, please click on their name for more information.


Date of Birth:  2015

Zannie is my independent girl and in herd coaching she seeks out strong personalities. Three years old  and already 17′ and still growing. Sire is BDF Versachi (Tsjalke/Nykle) Dam is BDF Zacaede (Nanning/Reitse). This is where her height comes from! ZANNIE is now broke to drive and is driving both pairs and singles. We will be putting her under saddle soon. She has a sweet and loving personality. ZANNIE is one of those horses who can steal your heart.

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