Black Diamond Friesian Mares

Elegante (SOLD)

Birth Year: 2009

Ellie is very friendly and is an easy keeper. Ellie will be used in exhibitions and riding and in my herd coaching. She is very intuitive and outgoing and seeks out very outgoing personalities looking for life’s answers. Ellie is a beautiful mare out of Nanning and my mare Maaike. She is already tall as she is close to 16 hands already. She has her sire’s Nanning’s size and stature. Her dam is Maaike fan’ E Skans who is an Oege/Tamme mare with tons of hair. Ellie is the last of her kind. One of the last of Nanning.  Ellie stands 16’1″ and growing with a naturally curly mane that is to her shoulders.  She is the sweetest of mares and a wonderful mother. Her foals are classic with looks and personality to impress.

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Celtic Luck “Kelly”

Birth Year: 2011

RARE RED MARE!!!   (Ivanhoe/Wicher/Jillis)   Kelly has it all, Pure Chestnut Red with no white. Floating movement, georgous looks and the sweetest personality. Kelly is 15’3″ and growing. She is in foal for a possible red foal. Look to Kelly to bring more RARE RED HORSES into this world. Kelly will be a remarkable exhibition horse to show the world the Red Friesians.


Birth Year: 2008

Charlize is an outstanding Mintse/Jasper daughter.  With these bloodlines she has outstanding movement and floats with ease. She is 16′ and is wonderfully elegant.  She passes on her great looks and movement to her offspring. Charlize is used for exhibitions and riding and is quite a herd coaching horse. Her soft demeanor resonates  with many people seeking peace and quiet in their lives.


Birth Year: 2011

Kashmir is used in my herd healing program. She is very insightful and picks people who need help with confusing issues in their life. BDF Kasmir (Meinse/Nykle) – Outstanding mare, movement, presence and beauty. This mare drives and floats around the ring.  Kashmir has been an outstanding broodmare, and exhibition and riding horse.


Birth Year: 2011

  • Out of SAPE/JILLIS

Lyrical  is a sensitive mare who is in my herd healing program. She picks people who are seeking guidance with something in their life. Ster mare from the outstanding bloodlines of Sape/Jillis .  Lyrie has elevation, float, reach and drive. She is a very sweet mare that will be a key in our foundation of outstanding mare lines. Lyrie will be used in exhibitions and horse expos.


Birth Year: 2013

Sophistication (Doaitson/Tamme/Oege) WOW, Sophie has grown into an outstanding broodmare and riding horse. She is great with youngsters and kids. She is perceptive in my herd healing and seeks out people who are looking for clarity in their life.


Birth Year: 2007

She is an excellent broodmare, exhibition and riding horse. She produces tall babies that are people lovers. As a therapy  horse in the hed she seeks out friendly, outgoing people who need to overcome something going on in their lives. Zacaede is out of our 1st premie Ster Mare Japke fan Panhuys.  Japke’s first filly has made Model. Zacaede is a Nanning/Reitse mare that got the tall gene. She is 16’2″ and a sweetheart.


Birth Year: 2010

Indy is a good riding horse and works well with beginners and kids. Indy works well as a herd coaching horse as she seeks out independent people who are looking for something in their life. FPZV Mare from the rare blood of YK/Romke. She is a breeders dream with her bloodlines. Indigo is 16′ and has matured well. She is a well balanced mare and has great movement for an awesome  ride. Look for outstanding and rare foals from Indy in the future.


Birth Year: 2015

Zannie is my independent girl and in herd coaching she seeks out strong personalities. Three years old  and already 17′ and still growing. Sire is BDF Versachi (Tsjalke/Nykle) Dam is BDF Zacaede (Nanning/Reitse). This is where her height comes from! ZANNIE is now broke to drive and is driving both pairs and singles. We will be putting her under saddle soon. She has a sweet and loving personality. ZANNIE is one of those horses who can steal your heart.

Jitske Susanne

Birth Year: 2003

You could not ask for a nicer mare and broodmare. She teaches kids and beginners to ride and loves therapy work with sensitive people. Jitske is a Jillis/Jochem/Tjitte mare who carries the red gene. She is my foundation mare for my Red Friesian Program. She is the mother of “Celtic Luck” and “Eclipse” and has also produced “Willow” who carries the red gene.


Birth Year: 1996

Maaike has incredible carriage for riding and driving. Maaike was my first mare and had wonderful foals that possessed her sweetness. Sadly Maaike passed in 2017 but lives on in her kids. Maaike fan e’ skans (Tamme/Oege) is a beautiful Tamme daugher with classic Friesian looks with lots of hair. From grandsires Prefferent Oege and Jochem.


Birth Year: 2004

Menthe is now used primarily as a broodmare and riding horse. She is patient and willing and seeks out people who are looking for patience and understanding in my herd  coaching. Menthe fan e’ Vesta Hoeve is a beautiful mare with grace and style. Out of Tjesse with grandsires of Sjaard and Dirk. Menthe has awesome movement and will produce some outstanding dressage movement horses.

Fancy Colors “Ruby”

Birth Year: 2006

Ruby seeks out people who need love and understanding in their life as a herd coaching horse. Ruby’s sire is out of outstanding Friesian stallion Patriot and my homozygeous saddlebred mare Anna. Ruby is adorable and beautifully put together. She is a gorgeous Georgian Grande cross with her nice upright neck and feathering.  She is a tri-colored sorrel and white with a black mane and tail.  Ruby is very sweet and loving and has that easy going Friesian disposition.  She has a beautiful uphill stance and lovely movement for saddle seat or flashy driving horse. She is now broke to ride. Wow, does she fly!


Birth Year: 2006

As a herd coaching horse, Tally seeks  out people needing confidence and boundaries. Tallinger is a beautiful baroque mare with huge extensions and carriage. She is very self confident and carries herself high and upright. She has awesome gaits and will make a spectacular sporthorse. She is a joy to be around and loves people!

Tallinger is out of my mare Trude (St, S, MP,MP) (Jakob/Meindert) by Feitse Pref. This mare is big and leggy. She has excellent conformation with a beautiful head, upright neck and lots of hair.  Tally is very good natured, as her mother is.  Tally has a great uphill posture and nice straight legs.

Red Zoe

Birth Year: 2015

Zoe is in training as a herd coaching horse and will be added to the broodmare band to produce more Red Friesians. BDF Red Zoe is a RED mare out of  FQ Richochet and my Red mare BDF Celtic Luck. She is the second red mare I produced.   Zoe is part of the Red Friesian Foundation. ZOE will become part of my breeding program this year. She is a nice young mare with exceptional qualities and I look for her to add great bloodlines and conformation to my program.


Birth Year: 2015

Willow is in training as a herd coaching horse and will be added to the broodmare band to produce more Red Friesians. WILLOW is a coming mare who is a full sister to BDF Celtic Luck. Willow carries the red gene and will be entering my breeding program this year . She is 16′  hands and as graceful as her name. Her loving personality and beautiful conformation will compliment all her foals.


Birth Year: 2016

Charisma is a young mare who is out of Andries and my Ster mare BDF Lyrical. (Sape/Jillis). She has great potential in my breeding program and as an excellent riding and driving mare. She will be tall and powerful and as her name implies she will win over the hearts of many. She is learning the ropes from the older mares.


Birth Year: 2016

Alexis is a nice young mare with loads of potential. She is out of ALERT and my mare BDF Zacaeda ( Nanning/Reitse). This girl will be tall and WOW can she move. She will be in the future breeding program along with riding and driving duties. She is learning the ropes from the older mares.


Birth Year: 2016

Cheyenne is a filly out of Kashmir and Leenderts Leopold. Cheyenne carries the red factor. She is growing and developing into a nice young  fillly. She will be very important in the Red Friesian Foundation breeding program as she carries new blood for a new direction. She is also very smart and sensitive which will help her  develop into a great healing and therapy mare. Keep an eye on Cheyenne.


Birth Year: 2017

Destiny is a filly out of Zacaede and the Approved KFPS Stalliion, Julius.  She will be very tall and elegant. This yearling filly is exciting to watch move and float around above the ground.  It is no effort for her to glide in the air. She is active by nature and is always trying to be part of the scene. She is very gregarious with the herd and people. She will develop into a wonderful healing horse and broodmare.


Birth Year: 

Khalessi is a beautiful young filly for our Red Friesian Program. Her red genes will be very important in the future.Her dam is our foundation mare, BDF Celtic Luk. Here sire is  Wobke a (Haitse/Jasper) son which is extraordinary bloodlines to add to the program. She knows she is special too. Fancy, curious and in your pocket friendly. Watch her grow and take her place in the herd  She will definitely be involved in the herd healing and other programs.


Birth Year: 

BDF Lexington, WOW this filly is everything. She is a Barock Pinto 97% Friesian Filly with the red gene to boot. Lexi is from my Barock Pinto stallion, Titanium and my wonderful mare Menthe fan Vesta Hoeve. (Tjesse/Dirk). This filly will add bloodlines to the gene pool to add diversity to be used in the Red Friesian Program. She is strong and curious but her world is forward and centered. She will be an outstanding horse in our herd healing and other herd programs. 


Birth Year: 

BDF Liberty is a flashy filly from the multiple winner of the Stallion Show in Holland, Norbert 444 and my mare BDF Kashmir (Meinse/Nykle). This young mare is destined for greatness. She will be tall and have all the right movement. She floats on air. Liibby is a curious girl who seems sensitive to the herd. She will be a great addition to our herd and our healing programs. Watch this little lady grow into a fine young mare.


Birth Year: April 2020

BDF Malificent 97% Baroque Pinto Filly. Sire is BDF Titanium and dam is BDF Alexis. Beautiful baroque style Tobiano filly.

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