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D.O.B. 6/2014

Out of Biskit (94.5% Friesian and 5.5% warmblood) and my mare Maaike fan e skans (Tamme/Oege). He is a real stunning Baroque Pinto Friesian. He carries the genes for black, red, and tobiano for breeding. This makes him incredibly valuable in my Red Friesian Foundation program. He has an awesome personality and has outstanding movements.


DOB: 6/15/06

Wonderful stallion with the impressive bloodlines of  (Tsjalke/Nykle)  One of the few horses from these lines in the US. He is classical in build. Stands 16’3″ and impressive as hell. His forlock is down to the end of his muzzle and his mane is to his shoulders. Versachi has impressive movement, looks and character. He is gentle with beginners but can perform for the experienced rider. He has produced some of the finest horses I have seen in awhile. They have floating movement, reach and drive and they have that WOW factor. Add a bit of Designer Stallion blood to your lines!!  Watch them WIN!.


D.O.B. – 2017

Eclipse is my first red stallion I produced. He is a 1/2 brother of “Kelly”  out of Jitske Suzanne and FQ Richochet.  He is growing like a weed and I expect him to be at least 16′. He has outstanding movement and loft and floats when he moves. Watch for him as a future breeding and exhibition stallion.


D.O.B. – 2018

Granite is a new red factor colt for the Red Friesian Foundation.  His sire is Agape of Friesian Glory and Kashmir.  These bloodlines add a new dimension to the future breeding program for diversity and correct conformation for generations of Red Friesians. Granite will be used for breeding and exhibitions along with working with people in the herd healing programs.

Journey (For Sale)

D.O.B. – 2019

Journey is a 1st premie CHAMPION COLT from the WI keuring. Congratulation Journey. The judges remarked  he had the best walk at the keuring and his trot was spectacular. A true stallion candidate for the stallion testing.

Journey is an exceptional colt. Awesome personality with those dashing looks to match. He is the little king of the ranch. He is aware of everything, but takes it all in stride with patience and curiosity. He was born in March from Iron Springs Farm, Tsjalbert and my beautiful mare, BDF Sophistication (Doaitsen/Tamme/Oege) . He is an outstanding colt to add to any breeding program..  He will be used with visitors in all of our programs.

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Fire n’ Ice – “Rider”

D.O.B. – 

BDF Fire n Ice, known as Rider, as he has a horse and rider on his side markings! He is a ONE OF A KIND. He is 97% Friesian and red and white. His dam is the foundation red mare,  BDF Celtic Luck, Kelly (Jillis/ Ivanhoe/Wicher ). His sire is BDF Titanium (Biskit/Tamme/Oege). Rider is special and knows it. He is a proud friendly colt and a favorite on the farm. He will be eventually be used in the Red Friesian Foundation breeding program and definitely used in our herd healing program.


D.O.B. – 

BDF Lennon is  another new addition to our Red Friesian Foundation breeding program. He carries the red gene. Lennon is a friendly, refined colt who is easy to train and loves company. His dam is my wonderful red mare, Red Zoe who is a daughter of Kelly. His sire is an Abe grandson who is also a red carrier. Look for Lennon to be working in the herd healing group soon.

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As a small breeding ranch, Black Diamond’s main focus is to help match riders at all levels with beautiful, friendly well-bred Friesians. 

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